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Our Solutions Are As Diverse As Our Clients

What Makes Us Different

Vendor Agnostic

Most clients who work with one manufacturer are limited to their solutions and strategies.  We serve our client, not the printer, and custom match the project needs to the right equipment, regardless of brand. 

Print Experts

From your first meeting with our solution architects, you’ll see that Harris Technologies is made up of veterans in the industry, coming from leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies and top manufacturers. We know what goes on behind the scenes in the world of print. We’ll match you with the right vendor, the right equipment, and the ideal software solution for your project.

Low Price

If you work directly with a large provider, you get the best pricing right? Not necessarily. We’ve seen how pricing models can be manipulated to drive up pricing on large programs. We champion our clients to find them the best pricing. Let us prove it to you with a quote.

Our Services

Managed Print Services

We create real strategies that reduce print volumes.

In some of the most paper dependent businesses in the country, Harris Technologies is called in to document, automate, and modify end user behavior to reduce print. Clients often hire a printer manufacturer to help them print less. For obvious reasons, that doesn’t usually work. How much do you really spend on printing, and what impact does it have on the environment? We can help you get answers, and manage the program towards a new result.

Traditional Print Services

Choose a print partner that brings peace of mind to any task.

Your branded packaging and collateral set you apart. They make the first impression on your customers and tell your story. The print experts at Harris Technologies take a holistic approach to your print and everything that surrounds it. You’ll have a partner who can walk with you through your business and its dynamic seasons. We’ve seen it all, and look forward to utilizing our network of highly sophisticated, boutique printers and fulfilment partners to bring your vision to life.

Managed Print Services

Locations Served
Devices Under Management
Printed Pages Eliminated
0 B
Trees Saved
99900 +

Traditional Print Services

Authorized Print Partners
Platinum Print Partners
Number of Presses
Average Tenure of Solution Architect


Tools We Use​

The success of our engagements depend greatly on the tools we use,
and the experts who wield them.

When you work with us, you will gain access to a group of experts, offering a high-level, comprehensive perspective on how best to achieve your goals, control cost, and eliminate uncertainty.  Our approach to providing exceptional print services starts with understanding your unique needs. 

That allows us to draw upon our deep knowledge of print strategies and tools to create an effective plan of action in collaboration with your team.

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