Buy to Give Back

What if you could sell products that do more than simply support a cause or promote a brand?

We’ve all received a promotional item to support a cause—whether it was a silicone bracelet for Cancer Awareness, a lapel pin to show support for our military or law enforcement personnel, or a water bottle or T-shirt to raise funds for a school team or program.  We are all familiar with how impactful these items are for fund-raising and raising awareness.

But have you given any thought to the companies that make or distribute these products? Are there companies that not only manufacture these great items and employ many people, but also have a mission to give back to their communities?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Many manufacturers of branded pens, pencils, rulers, and backpacks love to give back by offering Buy One, Give One programs. They do this because they recognize that too many families are unable to send their children to school with necessary supplies and those teachers in high-poverty schools spend $672 of their own money each year to equip their classrooms with learning materials.  These amazing companies donate millions of dollars in school supplies to schools in their own communities each year, making a huge impact on students’ learning opportunities.

Next time you see a pencil, crayon, or ruler; take a minute to think about how priceless it is in the hands of a child. That child, the one who loved math so much in school, could become an engineer, or the child, who loved drawing houses, an architect. Many children who grew up less fortunate always remember the teachers who made sure they had everything they needed to succeed in school.

When you choose to buy these valuable tools, you can be the change by working with manufacturers that give back.

~ Kelli Spector

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